The FINBACK Software Framework

Complex case management has unique needs when it comes to construction, engineering, environmental compliance and data management.  Team technicians and principals, often while mobile and in challenging environments (construction sites, remote areas, etc.) must have quick access to critical data from disparate sources (spreadsheets, databases, websites, etc.).  Further, this information must be fed into a disciplined process that generates consistent, compliant, bulletproof deliverables every time.  All the while, operations must be efficient and overhead kept to a minimum.  To that end, technicians and principles should be spending time on their core competencies, not on esoteric and time-consuming compliance and data magement tasks.

In-house IT solutions, while initially seeming like a viable solution, often prove untenable.  Already overtasked IT departments generally do not have the resources or subject matter expertise to develop a timely solution to the aforementioned challenges.

This lead FINBACK 670 to develop the FINBACK Software Framework (the Framework).  The Framework, designed by construction, engineering, and environmental compliance experts, offers a comprehensive solution to case management with an extremely fast deployment cycle.  Within a matter of days, not months, the Framework can be quickly configured to the unique requirements of  a particular case and field-deployed.

The Framework offers the following modules/services to meet the data management needs of case management:

  • Logistics
    • Live, interactive mapping of plaintiff addresses with embedded, click-through information
    • Interactive calendars for efficient resource management
    • Logging of case communications (both electronic and traditional)
    • Exchange and Google Calendar integration
  • Mobile Data Collection and Capture
    • Apple-approved iOS applications
    • One-time data collection at point of service
    • Real-time mobile document generation
    • Offline support for disconnected areas
    • Fast access to case information
  • Quality Control 
    • Automated data conformity checks
    • System-generated alerts to team members when anomalies are detected
  • Automated Deliverable Generation
    • Automatic, real-time generation of compliant deliverables
    • Zero labor cost
  • Independent Technical Review (ITR)
    • Review of deliverables by licensed/certified staff
    • Managed and logged exception tracking
  • Electronic and Physical Delivery
    • Optional for a turnkey solution
    • Documentation is shipped in real-time after passing ITR
  • Reporting
    • Data aggregation
    • Trend monitoring
    • "Big picture" view of financials
    • Customized notifications