CONNOR Drone Services

CONNOR’s FAA Licensed drone pilots use sophisticated 3D mapping, thermal imaging, and photogrammetry to help our clients lower costs and reduce risk.

  • 4 FAA Licensed Pilots On-Staff
  • Our drone work is not subcontracted, meaning the Pilot in Command is engaged throughout the entire process, from flight missions to deliverables.
  • CONNOR employees are licensed in over 30 states and territories.
  • Top of the line drones and rovers for indoor inspections. Our pilots are also trained for indoor flights.

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CONNOR offers drone inspection services across a wide range of industries and applications. Make the inspection process safer, more efficient, and collect a host of actionable data with video, photo, and 3D Mapping technology.

Drone Roof Inspections

Accurate, actionable, safe, and fast. Find out how Drone Roof Inspections help you reduce costs.

paintless dent repair

Property Inspections

Our UAV property inspections provide imagery and 3D mapping for buildings, work sites, multifamily housing, and more

Drone Construction Inspection

Construction drone inspections that help you track progress, create 3D maps, and manage your work site.

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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas drone inspection services provide valuable, actionable data.

wind turbine solar drone inspections

Wind and Solar

Drone inspections of solar panels and wind turbines.

Utility Drone Inspection

Drone inspections for Utility, Infrastructure, and Telecom applications.


CONNOR provides aerial drone services to a wide range of industries. Our aerial capabilities directly compliment the services we provide to Commercial Real Estate, Construction & Engineering, Property Management, Disaster Recovery and more.

Our drone capabilities allow us to provide solutions that save time and money, greatly reduce risk, and reveal unseen opportunities. We help you find new and better ways of getting things done, whether it be inspections, managing project, staying compliant, or marketing your property.

Aerial Drone Services

Interactive, Actionable Reporting

With 3D Mapping we create interactive reports with actionable data. Instead of reacting to issues, be proactive and spot potential problems with automated drone inspections.

Drone inspections help you save money and reduce risks associated with in-person inspections.

Advantages of Drones For Property Management

We help Property Managers find new ways of saving time, money, and increasing safety. Property Managers are often unaware of the new and better methods available to them through the use of drones. Click here to read our Compliance Corner article about the “Advantages of Drones for Property Management” and find out how you could be using drones to your advantage.

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Drone Inspection Services

Save Time, Reduce Risk.
Optimize Your Operations
With CONNOR Aerial Services.

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Drone inspections are the smart alternative if you work in an industry in which regular inspections are needed for safety and compliance.

Our FAA licensed pilots use the latest in drone technology, 3D mapping, and photogrammetry to help you collect actionable data faster and at lower cost, thereby producing dramatically faster, safer and cheaper results.

drone inspection services
drone inspection services

    Environmental Services

    CONNOR’s environmental services come from a thorough understanding of compliance, years of experience, and from listening to the needs of real-estate professionals.

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    Aerial Services

    Increase safety and efficiency with our aerial services. Industrial drone inspections, disaster recovery programs, and marketing video production.

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    Moisture Infiltration Services

    CONNOR offers consulting services that identify building conditions that may facilitate moisture infiltration, and help implement a Moisture Management Plan (MMP).

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