CONNOR provides in-depth Cost Segregation Studies for Multifamily or Commercial Owners/Taxpayers.

Substantially increase cash flow by segregating property costs. Cost Segregation analyses break down construction and acquisition costs and allocates them to specific categories:

Tangible Personal Property

Land Improvements

Real Property

Construction Draw Review

CONNOR will act as your on-site representative to ensure that requests for payment during construction correlate with work performed. CONNOR will attend scheduled draw review meetings, and perform on-site inspections of work completed and claimed inventories. Additionally, CONNOR will evaluate the quality of the workmanship, compare work to plans and specifications and review change order requests.


Pre-Construction Draw Review

CONNOR will review the construction documentation and cost estimates to determine whether the construction project has adequate cost allocations. CONNOR staff will work with the architect and design team to analyze the cost projections for your project.

Environmental Services

CONNOR’s environmental services come from a thorough understanding of compliance, years of experience, and from listening to the needs of real-estate professionals.

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Aerial Services

Increase safety and efficiency with our aerial services. Industrial drone inspections, disaster recovery programs, and marketing video production.

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Moisture Infiltration Services

CONNOR offers consulting services that identify building conditions that may facilitate moisture infiltration, and help implement a Moisture Management Plan (MMP).

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