Advanced, Web-Enabled Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Database System

CONNOR Compliance System (CCS) is an advanced, web-enabled comprehensive environmental compliance database system. It is designed to assist users in our target markets to manage fi eld-collected data and deliver accurate reports through on-line access to comply with Governmental environmental regulatory requirements. CCS is especially designed to comply with the EPA’s lead paint tenant and contractor notification requirements.

It performs the same functions regarding environmental safety training; tracking and monitoring your asbestos programs, PCB programs, Storage Tank programs; and ADA compliance. A variety of compliance modules can be selected to automate specific environmental program requirements. Currently, modules include Lead-based Paint, Asbestos-Containing Materials, and Environmental Training

connor compliance system


CCS will collect, analyze, report and store data concerning hazards from lead-based paint, lead contaminated dust and lead in soil collected from multiple sources including Compliance Assistance Visits, Lead-based Paint Inspections, and Risk Assessments. Multifamily REITs, property managers and owners, as well as Local and Regional Housing Authorities with state assisted public housing currently utilize CCS. CONNOR’s existing database contains 5.5 million XRF readings and 600,000 lead dust and soil sample results for over 5,500 pre-1978 residential rental properties located throughout the U.S.


The CONNOR database was developed on Microsoft’s newest available .NET platform using C#, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Server 205. It utilizes XML and JSON for data interchange and synchronization and SQL Server Reporting services for report data transformations. Th e system provides access to real-time data, is scalable and contains over 400 embedded algorithms (or Business Rules) based on HUD and EPA compliance regulations.

connor compliance system

Environmental Services

CONNOR’s environmental services come from a thorough understanding of compliance, years of experience, and from listening to the needs of real-estate professionals.

Aerial Services

Increase safety and efficiency with our aerial services. Industrial drone inspections, disaster recovery programs, and marketing video production.

Moisture Infiltration Services

CONNOR offers consulting services that identify building conditions that may facilitate moisture infiltration, and help implement a Moisture Management Plan (MMP).