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We are your strategic partner in environmental consulting and drone services.

CONNOR is a strategic partner providing environmental consulting services and compliance assessments for the stakeholders in, affordable housing / multi-family, lenders, and large commercial properties. CONNOR is a customer-focused culture, which leverages years of experience to understand basic and complex environmental issues and present them with practical business solutions that best represents the client’s needs.



Drone inspections help you to find ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies across your portfolio of properties.


Eliminate the need for manual inspections and use safe, cost-effective drone inspections to reduce your maintenance budgets.


CONNOR offers drone inspection services across a wide range of industries and applications. Make the inspection process safer, more efficient, and collect a host of actionable data with video, photo, and 3D Mapping technology.

CONNOR’s infrastructure, technology and experience in environmental due diligence offer our client a compliment of strategy, structure and process that contribute to consistently strong performance and building long lasting relationships.

Drones in Construction

We use 3D Mapping and high definition photography to complete land surveys, aerial inspections, and project monitoring using an automated, repeatable process.

Take your project management to the next level with construction drone services from CONNOR.



Accurate, actionable, safe, and fast. Find out how Drone Roof Inspections help you reduce costs.


Drone building facade inspections eliminate the need for scaffolding and significantly reduce costs.


Inspect cell phone towers in a fraction of the time, at greatly reduced risk.

environmental consulting services


CONNOR, founded in 1991, is a value-added provider of third party Due Diligence and Environmental Consulting Services reporting to the Real-Estate Industry.

CONNOR is comprised of multiple services that span the full spectrum of Property Evaluation concerns that our clients may encounter. CONNOR’s comprehensive range of services provide our clients with technical expertise that assists them in meeting state and federal compliance deadlines and managing crucial projects on time and within budget.

environmental consulting services


Our strength is in our strong technical skills, business acumen and superior customer service enabling us to deliver creative solutions that produce cost-effective high quality results.

CONNOR serves a diverse regional and national client base. Our national focus revolves around multifamily housing, both federally assisted and private. Our corporate philosophy is to properly understand our role and to provide our clients with the required information in a clear, cost effective and timely manner.

Environmental Services

CONNOR’s environmental services come from a thorough understanding of compliance, years of experience, and from listening to the needs of real-estate professionals.

Aerial Services

Increase safety and efficiency with our aerial services. Industrial drone inspections, disaster recovery programs, and marketing video production.

Moisture Infiltration Services

CONNOR offers consulting services that identify building conditions that may facilitate moisture infiltration, and help implement a Moisture Management Plan (MMP).


Do it right the first time.

At the core of the CONNOR Solutions Mission is a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and performance, summed up by our motto: “Do it right the first time.” Each individual at CONNOR is committed to working with our clients to guide them to greater precision and productivity in their operations. We provide training courses to keep property staff certified and in compliance with multiple federal and state environmental laws and regulations.

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CONNOR Compliance Corner

Stay informed and stay compliant with CONNOR Compliance Corner.

LRCA Go-Live, New Link

Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s new Lead Rental Certification and Accreditation (LRCA) database goes live, December 6, 2021 Attention Lead Paint Service Providers:As previously notified, [...]

“CONNOR is more than a service provider – we are a relationship-oriented firm committed to building successful partnerships with our clients. As you face new challenges over time, CONNOR is with you, to offer support and provide cost effective solutions.”


Invested Partnership

Our clients include but are not limited to Insurance Companies/TPA’s , Attorneys, Management Companies, Property Owners, Disaster Recovery Specialists, Government Agencies, Contractors, and Sub Contractors.

CONNOR is a long-term partner to our clients. With our full range of Environmental and Physical Needs Assessments, including our Technology and Training Services, we have the ability to solve your unique challenges today and for years to come.

CONNOR is a strategic partner that provides solutions for stakeholders in large multi-family and commercial buildings. From staying in compliance, to maintaining properties, to training staff, and tracking environmental concerns overtime, we enable our clients to save costs, make informed decisions, and manage long-term concerns.


CONNOR Compliance System (CCS) is a web-enabled environmental compliance database developed by CONNOR, providing our clients immediate access to reports, regulatory documentation, and compliance data.

CCS allows our clients to retrieve years of archived documentation that is protected on a secure server and that is encrypted and guarded by multiple firewalls. CONNOR’s current and evolving technology sources ensure thorough reporting of environmental findings. CCS enables data of the on-site assessment in draft form delivered to our clients via e-mail within days.

CONNOR environmental services

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