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CONNOR offers comprehensive professional, forensic and field services to identify, assess, prevent and cure environmental issues relating to water, ground, air quality and facilities.

Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Federal, State and Local Government

  • Legal Support/Trial, Mediation, Arbitration, Pre-Trial Support and Consultation

  • Client Education/Training

  • Construction

  • Insurance

  • Property Management and Development

  • Chemical and Petrochemical

  • Real Estate/Multi-Unit Housing Developments

  • Industrial and Manufacturing


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Environmental Services

CONNOR’s environmental services come from a thorough understanding of compliance, years of experience, and from listening to the needs of real-estate professionals.

Aerial Services

Increase safety and efficiency with our aerial services. Industrial drone inspections, disaster recovery programs, and marketing video production.

Moisture Infiltration Services

CONNOR offers consulting services that identify building conditions that may facilitate moisture infiltration, and help implement a Moisture Management Plan (MMP).