Lead Accreditation Renewals and Training Extensions During the COVID-19 Pandemic to End on June 30, 2021

Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s new Lead Rental Certification and Accreditation (LRCA) database goes live, December 6, 2021

Attention Lead Paint Service Providers:

As previously notified, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s new Lead Rental Certification and Accreditation (LRCA) database goes live, December 6, 2021. The link to access the new LRCA database is: https://mde-lrca.maryland.gov .

If you were unable to attend the training webinars, links to the training will be posted here: mde.maryland.gov/programs/LAND/LeadPoisoningPrevention/Pages/inspectorscontractors.aspx.

After the new system goes live on Dec. 6, 2021, MDE will be transitioning away from the current paper processes. Below are some important milestone dates that you will need to be aware of to facilitate the transition to the new system:

Dec. 31, 2021 – MDE will stop issuing new, blank inspection certificates (MDE Form 330) to accredited lead inspection contractors. This means you will no longer be able to request new (paper) lead inspection certificates by submitting the Form H Inspection Certificate Request. If you submit a Form H request up to Dec. 30, 2021, MDE will issue a reduced number of lead inspection certificates to avoid excess paper certificates during the transition time. It is imperative that you mail your yellow copies of inspection certificates to P.O. Box 943, Jessup, MD 20794, in a timely manner in order to receive replenishment certificates.

Dec. 31, 2021 – MDE will stop accepting paper lead accreditation applications and fee payments. After Dec. 31, 2021, lead paint service providers will be required to submit their accreditation applications and make their application fee payments through the LRCA system. Therefore, lead paint service providers will need to register and log on to the LRCA system to apply for accreditation.

Feb. 28, 2022 – Accredited lead inspection contractors should use all of their remaining lead inspection certificates (MDE Form 330) in their possession, for inspections performed before Feb. 28, 2022, and return any blank certificates to MDE. Any lead inspection certificates issued after Feb. 28, 2022, must be issued by submitting all required forms through the LRCA system.

Questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 410-537-3825 or lrca.mde@maryland.gov


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