All mold growth requires a source of moisture, via either heightened humidity levels or direct moisture intrusion. The first critical step to combating real mold growth is gaining a clear understanding of your property’s current and potential moisture intrusion pathways. CONNOR offers consulting services that identify building conditions that may facilitate moisture infiltration.



In recent years, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems including mold growth have reached national
attention. While there are no state or federal standards for what constitutes acceptable of unacceptable IAQ in buildings, large sum verdicts and costly mold remediation are spurring the real estate industry towards immediate response to the problem. Implementation of proper preventive maintenance is essential in addressing the mold/moisture control issue.

CONNOR is pleased to offer consulting services on the implementation of a Moisture Management
Plan (MMP). Tailored to the specific needs of the client, the program will be integrated into the client’s current Operations & Maintenance (O&M) policies and procedures to ensure a more seamless implementation. A Moisture Management Plan, delineates the “Best Practices” to address mold/moisture issues, as well as recommendations to implement the program.


Site-specific surveys include detailed analyses of current moisture issues and building elements that may lead to future moisture infiltration conditions. Moisture Infiltration Surveys Performed by CONNOR can Include:

  • Assessment of complete roofing system

  • Assessment of building construction methods, building framing, and exterior wall cladding materials

  • Assessment of building penetrations

  • Assessment of plumbing and mechanical systems

  • Assessment of interior spaces

  • Assessment of exterior drainage and site grading

  • Prioritization of corrective actions

  • Written scopes of work for contractor bidding

  • Repair cost estimates

  • Project management

  • Drone Services


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Moisture Infiltration Services

CONNOR offers consulting services that identify building conditions that may facilitate moisture infiltration, and help implement a Moisture Management Plan (MMP).

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